Love Your Cat Funny Cute Unisex T-Shirt

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Love your cat and want to be able to let others know without saying it directly? Wear this cat shirt telling them to love their cats, and they will implicitly understand that you must love your cat- maybe even more than they love theirs.

You'll see the gears start turning as they start to wonder: "I don't have a shirt like that... am I not as good of a cat parent? Am I a bad person?" 🙀 They know they love their cats, of course they do, but slowly they will begin to doubt themselves as they compare themselves to you. Wear this shirt and slowly erode their confidence and sense of identity. 😼

Or use it to create some sort of connection with them based on your common love of cats or whatever. Either way. 😸 ❤️ 🐈

.: Retail fit- (Runs true to size)


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